12V vs. 24V Power Wheels: Which One Should You Pick for Your Kids?

Have you confused with picking up the 12V vs. 24V power wheels?

Well, it is quite hard to uncover the difference between these two battery-powered riding toys, but not crazy.

Typically, both are essential and suitable for the child according to their ages or riding ability.

Where 12V power wheels are well-known to use in indoor & outdoor riding. But its motor and battery are not as high as to struggle with hills or rough surface areas.

Alternatively, 24V power wheels are faster than 12V cars. Their motor and battery are more powerful for the best performance. Even it is able to cope with hills or rough surfaces.

Now, we will show you plenty of compare & contrast between the 12V and 24V power wheels and related evidence on behalf of you.

12V vs. 24V Power Wheels: What’s the Difference?

The higher the amount of volts indicates the more influential and faster car. The gauge of volts specifies the power of batteries. A car with a 12V motor needs a 12V battery, or a 24V motor indicates the 24V battery.

Here is some fundamental notification about the 12V vs. 24V power wheels.

Let’s get started.

12V Power Wheels

The standard 12V power wheels are available for riding on the toys. From three to six years children can use this battery-powered to drive. Plus, they will play at least one to two hours without any brakes. So, there is no limit to ensure a lot of fun & entertainment.

12V power wheels have five Mph speed, enough to go with safely. The manufacturer formulated these for tarmac, grass surfaces, and gravel.

24V Power Wheels

24V power wheels are another great choice of parents for their little members. They provide more powerful riding than the 12V power wheels. Children who are six to nine years old can ride on these types of toys.

Its battery life is two to four hours. Before starting to use, you need to battery charge at least eighteen hours.

Your child will run through the tarmac, hills, gravel surfaces, or grass. And, they are suitable for riding around six Mph speeds.

Comparison Table: 12V vs. 24V Power Wheels

Now, it is time to mention the comparison diagram according to their characteristics. It helps to save your worthwhile times. So, don’t wait to see the below table about 12V vs. 24V power wheels.

Definition 12V power wheels 24V power wheels
Perfect for They are suitable for the four to six years child. Six to eight years aged.
Battery power They contain the 12-volt battery. They have a 24-volt battery.
Average speeds The maximum speed is 4 Mph. Its maximum speed is 6 Mph.
Riding areas Best for driving the normal yards or grass areas. Your child can ride not only a smooth landscape but the hills or rough surfaces.
Motor 12V capacity. 24V capacity.
Prices Affordable prices Little high than 12V

More About: 12V vs. 24V Power Wheels

You have already received the fundamental difference between the 12V and 24V power wheels. That is not sufficient when you want to really make a final decision.

For this purpose, we are going to talk with the strength and weaknesses of the 12V vs 24V power wheels.

12 Volts Power Wheels:


The 12V power wheels standard appliances to ride-on directly from battery-powered. This voltage car is totally risk-free for your lovely kids. Even its riding speed is good along with forwarding and backward alternatives.

Using the 12V toy car, every child can easily run in different locations. No worries, it is quite easy to handle & control.


Though 12V Power Wheels are more well-known for the users, they have a little imperfection. It is quite tough to change its charge regulator. Even you can’t step up from the lower voltage to the higher voltage.

The wiring process is costly than the higher voltage operation. And, you can’t choose it for handling the challenging ride.

24V Power Wheels:


The 24 voltage power wheels come to introduce some outstanding features. They contribute the higher speed as well as more controlling power than others. Though this type of toy has a powerful and long-term running battery, the price or cost is not as high, compared to its outcome.

Another advantage is their similarity to the AC appliances. If you want to step down from the high volts too low volts, you can do it utilizing the charge controller.


24V power wheels vehicles are not suited to under six years old. Plus, this type of car is perhaps the risk for beginners. Sometimes parents don’t feel comfortable due to its powerful motor.

Another disadvantage is its price that is a little higher than other law voltage battery cars.

The Final Verdict

12V and 24V ride-on toys are very interesting vehicles for the youngster’s riders. If you prefer to get a good speedy buggy, you can select a 12V power wheel.

On the other side, if you have to buy the more speedy wagon for your teenager, you need to turn on the 24V power wheels.

We have already filled everything in this article. Be sure you found your satisfactory knowledge about the topic 12V vs. 24V power wheels.

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