About Us

More About Elite Baby Stuff…

My name is Jennifer and I’m the founder of Elite Baby Stuff with my squad of fellow pediatricians, neonatologists, child psychologists, nannies, midwives, lactation consultants, and dedicated administrative, writing & editing team.

To keep your newly born health affairs in check, we’ll be feeding the finest in-depth assesses about baby products keeping methodical approach in mind. Our side by side analysis with the real-world based scrutiny formula makes us different from all other organizations that work for infant’s product quizzing.

As the main mom of this squad, I have a continuous eye on everything that’s happening within Elite Baby Stuff.

Should You Trust Us?

Our main intention is to become the prime source of baby product reviews and providing the finest material regarding babies upkeeping plus care. Our working formula is focused on pre-selection, selection, information gathering, reviewing, testing, interview-based finding and finally writing about the processed data we gathered after the previous sessions.

Focusing on categories, the finest baby stuffs are selected first. We gather information available online and also offline about the product. If it sounds promising to us, we spend our own money to retail it just like any regular shopper. Our checkup team of two or more will next spend quality time testing and finding more about the stuff. Based on the real-life testing and remark, an objective rating is delivered by those testers.

This information later gets used in the review team meeting to plan up the content that might benefit parents and child upbringers. And finally, the shortlisted products are sent directly to our writing and editing team to craft a tone friendly plus comprehensive content about it.

We believe our formula to test and talk about stuffs are more strategical and in the long run, it’s better at categorizing truly impressive products. And so, we have our whole trust on this tactic that keeps enhancing and improving through regular checkups.

Our Experts

My squad has professionals and also experienced moms & dads who know a lot through their field of work as well as personal upbringing. Apart from reviews, our team also works constantly on providing parenting information that is proven and tested. The goal is to make an environment where every parent can freely look for solutions to their concerns.

And I Believe, with Elite Baby Stuff’s Excellent Team Members It’s More Than Confirmed!