8 Best Bubble Machine for Kids in 2021 | Top Picks and Reviews

Making bubbles is a super fun activity for kids of all ages. Heck! Even adults enjoy it. And why shouldn’t we? Bubbles are perfectly fascinating. It’s air wrapped in a soap film, meaning it’s basically gas inside a liquid.

By getting your kids a cool bubble blower machine, you can spark their interest in the physics of bubble formation. Not just that.

Like staring at the fire and ocean, chasing and popping bubbles is something human beings can do all day without getting bored or tired.

Blowing bubbles around the yard or in the bathtub could easily keep your kids active and entertained. Plus, the whole act of blowing, chasing, and popping the bubble is a great little activity for boosting hand-eye coordination in kids.

In this guide, I have put together a list of 8 best bubble machines for kids of all kinds, shapes, and price groups.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Bubble Machines:

Don’t have the time or energy to go through the entire piece? No problem. Below, I have summarized the whole article for you, so that you can quickly decide which bubble machine is worth your while-

  • Best Overall: Kidzlane Bubble Machine
  • Best Value for Money Automatic Bubble Machine: Hamdol Store Bubble Machine
  • Best Interactive Bubble Making Toy for Toddlers: WisToyz Bubble Machine
  • Best Portable Automatic Bubble Maker: TOLOCO Bubble Machine
  • Best Budget Bubble Machine for Toddlers: JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns
  • Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for Kids: Sunny Days Bubble Lawn Mower
  • Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for Water Parks and Pools: Theefun Bubble Machine
  • Simplest, No-fuss Outdoor Bubble Toy for Toddlers: Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble Leaf Blower

1. Kidzlane Bubble Machine – Best Overall

Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for kids of age 3 and up.
  • Drip-free, easy-to-use design and comes with a 8 oz. bottle of bubble solution.
  • Has 10 spinning wands and a 6 oz reservoir that allow you to create large, strong bubbles continuously for up to 2 hours.
  • The reservoir is easy to fill and soap doesn’t get into the mouth while blowing the bubbles.
  • The dolphin-shaped automatic bubble machine has a flat base to avoid the tip-over issue.
  • Needs 6 AA batteries that aren’t included and burns through the batteries quickly.

Kidzlane Bubble Machine - Best Automatic Bubble Machine for Kids and Toddlers Outdoor Age 3+- One of the most widely preferred automatic bubble machines of all time – the Kidzlane bubble machine is built with your child’s safety and entertainment in mind. It can blow anywhere between 500-1000 bubbles in a continuous stream per minute – which is a lot.

The most attractive part of the machine is unarguably the design. It is shaped like a dolphin and when all the bubbles come out of its cute little mouth, it makes for quite a show. It sports a no-tip base along with a solid, leak-proof design to ensure both good safety and great fun.

Built into the dolphin mouth is a wheel of 10 wands and a decently powerful motor that spins the wands. The bubbles created by this device are quite large in size. The design is very kid-friendly. Children can fill the 6 oz. reservoir in a jiffy.

It even comes with an 8 oz. bottle of bubble solution to get them started right away. For refill, you can use two capfuls of regular dish soap mixed with a little water. No need for any special bubble solution for this automatic bubble blower.

One refill will be enough to keep your junior busy for a good few hours. The machine requires 6 AA batteries to operate, which are, sadly not included. The batteries can also drain really fast if you use the machine every day for several hours. That’s the only minor downside. Other than that, it’s one of the best bubble machines at this price point in terms of both build quality and ease of use.

2. Hamdol Store Bubble Machine Automatic Bubble Maker – Best Value for Money

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for kids age 8 years and above.
  • The built-in reservoir can hold 700 ml of bubble solution 9plain dish soap and water mixture).
  • Has oscillation function – press the button once for 90-degree rotation on each side and twice for 360-degree rotation.
  • Quiet motor and Tripe Liquid Locking System effectively prevents leakage of bubble solution.
  • The rechargeable battery can last for up to 4 hours on full charge.

Hamdol Store Bubble Machine Automatic Bubble MakerThe second entry on our list is best summed as a dream bubble machine for every kid. Its bubble output alone makes it one of the best automatic bubble machines for toddlers ever made. You can even adjust the speed at which the bubbles come out of the machine as there are 3 output levels.

What makes it a great choice for birthday parties and some good old backyard fun is the rotating feature. You can either make it rotate 90 degrees or 360 degrees to create a dream-like atmosphere for your little one.

The built-in rechargeable battery in this machine packs quite a punch. Once fully charged, it can yield continuous streams of bubbles for up to 3.5 hours. Don’t worry about draining through the bubble solution reservoir too quickly.

It can hold about 700 ml. of liquid which equates to tons of bubbles. It doesn’t come with any bubble solution. You can simply use dish soap and water in the tank. Cleaning the tank is a breeze. Just use clean water instead of bubble solution and drain it out.

The design is completely child-safe and uses Tripe Liquid Locking system which is a special technology that prevents dripping. The base of the toy is fully flat, so it won’t have trouble standing on its own on various surfaces.

The incredible bubble output might make you wonder if the motor is going to be viciously loud. Well, good for you that it uses a brushless motor which is well-known for its quiet yet powerful operation.

3. WisToyz Bubble Machine – Best Interactive Bubble Making Toy for Toddlers

Product Highlights:

  • This bubble blower/interactive dinosaur toy is recommended for kids age 3 years and above.
  • The tank can be filled easily by pouring solution directly into the mouth of the dino and it comes with 2 tiny bottles of bubble liquid.
  • The dino plays music, walks, and automatically changes direction when bumped into something.
  • Can be kept stationary by putting the cap back on the wheels.
  • Leakage-free design and no exposed, sharp edges.

WisToyz Bubble Machine- Best Interactive Bubble Making Toy for ToddlersA pleasant upgrade from the standard stationary bubble machines, this unique automatic bubble blower is also an interactive dinosaur toy. Apart from the uber-cool design, it packs a host of great features too.

Little kids can easily fill the reservoir by pouring the bubble liquid right into the wide-open mouth of the dinosaur. Although the exact capacity isn’t mentioned, it can create oodles of large bubbles constantly for a couple of hours when the tank is full.

The bonus would be the realistic bubble-making sounds it releases when in action. You will receive two small bottles of bubble solution and for re-fill, you can use plain dish soap and water. As simple as that.

Apart from a fantastic bubble output, the dino toy can also walk, play music, light up, and blink their eyes. Moreover, it automatically reverses and moves in another direction when it bumps into a wall or some other object.

Children will have a blast catching the bubbles and chasing the dinosaur all over the room.

If you want the dino to stay still, that’s easy too. Just put the cap back on the wheelbase. It even comes with a screwdriver to open the battery chamber. You will need 3 AA batteries for this device which aren’t included.

I’d suggest you keep extra batteries handy because children won’t be able to stop playing with something so incredible. One caveat is that you can’t change the batteries easily when the tank is full.

That’s because when you tip the toy over to unscrew the battery cover, it begins to release bubbles. It’s a bit of a nuisance, so make sure the tank is empty when you are changing the batteries.

4. TOLOCO Bubble Machine- Best Portable Automatic Bubble Maker

Product Highlights:

  • Recommended for kids age 12 months and up.
  • Dual power source – runs on both USB power and external batteries (4 AA batteries, not included).
  • Tank capacity is 350 ml which lasts for about 30 minutes.
  • Has two bubble speed settings- can blow 3000 bubbles in a continuous stream at the highest speed.
  • Travel-size toy made of ABS thermoplastic and is completely leak-proof.

TOLOCO Bubble Machine- Best Portable Automatic Bubble MakerThis lightweight and portable bubble maker is what all kids will be busy with in birthday parties and family get-togethers. With the capacity of creating 3000 bubbles per minute, it can transport little curious minds into a whole new world.

The tank can hold 350 ml of bubble solution which guarantees 30-40 minutes of pure joy. There are two buttons as well to adjust the bubble speed. The best thing about this automatic bubble blower, from a parent’s perspective, is safety.

The spinning wands will automatically stop rotating if the kid accidentally touches them to keep their tiny fingers from getting hurt. Another standout feature is the dual power source – you can either plug the USB power cord into the wall outlet or use an external battery pack consisting of 4 AA batteries.

So even if there’s a power cut or you’re out of batteries, your kid can still play with his bubble machine.

5. JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns- Best Budget Bubble Machine for Toddlers

Product Highlights:

  • The manufacturer recommends this bubble gun for children age 3 years and up.
  • Comes with two 5 oz. bottles of child-safe bubble solution and 2 AA batteries.
  • Great for bubble fight with friends, summertime activities in the play pool, beach, and water park.
  • Affordably priced and meets the safety standards of USP61, USP51, and TRA.
  • The full tank easily lasts for a couple of hours and blows a continuous stream of large bubbles when you hold the trigger.

JOYIN 2 Bubble Guns- Best Budget Bubble Machine for ToddlersIf you are specifically looking for a bubble toy that can be used in the outdoor pool, beach, or bathtub, these funky bubble guns can be a great option to look into. Bubble fighting with opponents is an activity most toddlers can never say no to.

It can fire a volley of bubbles at great speed for a good couple of hours. It’s easy to refill and even comes with 2 bottles of child-safe bubble liquid, 5 oz. each. The bubble blower requires 2 AA batteries which are, fortunately, included in the box.

However, a lot of users have complained that the provided batteries do not aptly fit in the compartment. So I’d suggest you keep 2 AA batteries ready because kids would be really impatient to play with it once they get it in their hands.

They will just have to hold the trigger to enjoy a continuous stream of bubbles. Build quality-wise, it’s quite robust for the price. Children can safely take it to the water. Just make sure not to completely submerge it.

Even if water gets into the toy, it will eventually start working again when completely dry. In truth, it’s not the fanciest bubble machine around.

But if you want something simple, affordable, and unquestionably fun for summer pool parties, Halloween, school playroom, or Christmas gift, this one is hard to beat for the price.

6. Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble – Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for Kids

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for 2-4-year-olds, although older kids will also enjoy it equally.
  • Extremely sturdy and easy to assemble, even comes with a troubleshooting guide.
  • Emits realistic lawnmower sound and does not require batteries.
  • Is great for pushing kids to play outdoor and use their imagination and problem-solving skills to pretend-play with the toy.
  • Comes with 4 oz. bubble solution which takes a while to finish.

Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble-N-Go Deluxe Toy- Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for KidsNext up on our list is a truly unique bubble toy that’s shaped like a lawnmower. Amusing, isn’t it? Perfect for backyard playtime, the child will simply have to push the mower to spew out bubbles.

Thanks to the excellent bubble output, the machine will fill the air with dreamy bubbles that look mesmerizing when sunlight reflects on their surfaces. A 4 oz. bottle of bubble solution is included and you can fill the tank from the front in a snap.

The best part is no batteries are required for this incredibly designed bubble machine. Plus, it emits a very realistic sound of a lawnmower when pushed around. It’s a kind of toy that encourages kids to get out and play in the sun.

Pushing the toy lawnmower around the yard will give those tiny leg muscles a good exercise. It even comes with a troubleshooting guide, in case it stops generating bubbles.

The guide is beautifully illustrated, easy enough for a child to understand after a few initial hiccups. As far as the build quality is concerned, it’s robust and can withstand heavy abuse.

The only minor gripe I have with the product is that the wheels tend to get stuck a bit on the uneven lawn surface. But it has no trouble gliding smoothly on the driveway and paved roads.

7. Theefun Bubble Machine- Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for Water Parks and Pools

Product Highlights:

  • Made for kids age 8 and above, can be used by adults too for creating a romantic atmosphere in weddings.
  • Powered by electricity, comes with a power cable for plugging into the wall outlet, only 110v compatible.
  • The tank can hold about 2 cups or 0.75 ml of liquid solution and runs for 30 minutes, give or take.
  • A large high-velocity fan built into the machine quickly makes the bubbles rise up.
  • Has a robust metal housing, a detachable handle, and a mounting bracket as well.

Theefun Bubble Machine- Best Outdoor Bubble Machine for Water Parks and PoolsNow, how about an automatic bubble machine that looks like a futuristic tech gadget? Sounds fun, right? Theefun Bubble Machine is wonderful to look at and at the same time, it boasts an incredible bubble output.

It features a powerful high-velocity fan that quickly pushes the bubbles upwards, creating a cool atmosphere for your little one. Although it doesn’t come with a bubble solution, you can buy a gallon of bubble liquid online or at any supermarket.

The tank doesn’t have a huge capacity, which is the only drawback of this bubble machine. Other than that, it’s a great value and is well-suited for themed birthday parties, backyard bubble parties, and summer activities with the neighborhood kids.

The design is both child and pet-safe, so no worries about your dog’s paw getting injured by the spinning wands. It even offers a detachable handle for easy portability. Like our previous bubble machine, this one too doesn’t require batteries. Simply plug it into the wall outlet and enjoy the show.

8. Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble Leaf Blower- Simplest, No-fuss Outdoor Bubble Toy for Toddlers

Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for kids age 3 years and above.
  • The 4 oz. bubble solution bottle included with the toy can be used as a refill bottle for future use.
  • Lasts quite a long time and spews out oodles of bubbles at a great speed.
  • Releases realistic leaf blower sound, making it a great toy for imaginative play.
  • Needs 3 AA batteries (to be purchased separately) which don’t burn through easily even if the kids play with it for hours every day.

Sunny Days Entertainment Bubble Leaf BlowerIn this guide, we have come across bubble machines of various interesting shapes. Wrapping up the list with a bubble blower that takes after a leaf blower. Children are naturally inclined to use gadgets they watch their elders using.

A bubble machine that looks like a leaf blower would be a great way to keep your child entertained in the backyard while you take a moment to sit down and quietly enjoy a cup of tea.

I loved the fact that it shoots the bubble out straight at the object it’s aimed at instead of spilling bubbles at an angle. On the downside, it’s difficult to get the machine to shoot bubbles straight up when you are holding it upwards. The liquid solution struggles to siphon upwards.

It requires 3 AA batteries (not included) which lasts a pretty long time. The easy-to-fill tank is quite spacious and holds enough liquid to last a good while.

The included 4 oz. bottle of bubble liquid which also lasts pretty long. Moreover, you can use the bottle as a refill bottle for your store-bought bubble solution, in future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Bubble Machines

1. Are bubbles safe for toddlers?

Bubbles are made of regular dish soap and warm water and are completely safe unless ingested. Even if ingested accidentally, it won’t be fatal. It may cause some vomiting and an upset stomach, though. Bubble machines meet the toy safety requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Hence, it’s completely safe to let your toddler play with an age-appropriate bubble blower.

2. How do you make unpoppable bubbles?

Dish soap, warm water, and glycerin are the only three ingredients you need to concoct on a bubble solution that makes unpoppable bubbles.

3. What do toddlers learn from bubbles?

Blowing bubbles help to strengthen jaw muscles while the act of running around, chasing, and popping bubbles develop gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination in toddlers.

In Conclusion

From building gross motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination to showering your kids with hours of pure entertainment – bubble machines are a perfect specimen of what a kid’s toy should be.

Even the most tech-rich automatic bubble machines don’t cost even half as much as a fancy remote-controlled robot toy packed with millions of features. Bubble machines are simple, effective, and downright addictive in a good way.

It can be one of the first things that encourages your child to explore the sorcery of physics. After all, everything about bubbles is a wonder of nature- the formation, color reflection, their different reactions to wet and dry surfaces.

Most of all, blowing bubbles is fun, making bubble machines a must-have toy in birthday parties, water parks, and summertime fun in the backyard.

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