How to Charge A 6V Toy Car Battery?

Toy cars are one of the most exciting things you can gift a kid as they just leave the whole riding experience.

And that’s why when your child gets upset because the batteries are run down, you can’t sit relaxed to take care of it later. You must instantly find out how to charge a 6V toy car battery, one of the more common ones.

Today, let’s shortly talk about that!

How to Charge A 6V Toy Car Battery?

Find Out How to Charge A 6V Toy Car Battery.

Charge the 6V battery of the toy car by connecting the connector of the Power Wheels charger to the battery tightly. Simple as that!

Even if it seems easy at first glance, you need to learn the overall stuff along with directions to avoid accidents. Surely, the toy car runs thanks to the 6V battery and learning the right way of charging it is compulsory. 

And, you need to have some tools on your side that will require during the charging procedure. So, be sure to organize everything before you start. 

The Craftsman Screwdriver Set is a great partner that helps in many ways, especially for electrical works. It contains 8 different pieces including Philips and slotted head types to attach or detach things out. 

2 Simple Methods to Charge a 6V Battery of Toy Car – Follow the Directions.

Kid’s toys are surely entertaining. But they need charging daily for some hours to function. Basically, there’re 2 ways to charge the 6V battery of a toy car with or without a charger. So, how do you charge a 6v battery powered ride on for kids?

Let’s discover the two techniques down below.


  • Read the manual from A to Z so that you know what the topic is.
  • Take a screwdriver set and detach the clamps of the battery to reach the battery from the toy car.
  • Detach the battery from the toy car system. Be sure to secure it on a flat surface.
  • Check if the battery condition is fine or not. And, never charge the toy car battery if you see an explosion or find a burning smell. Instead, replace it with a new battery.

Method-1: Charging Toy Car Battery without A Charger.

One of the easiest and time-saving methods to charge a 6V toy car battery is by using Power Wheels. As it doesn’t require a charger, so most parents find it a nice option.

FYI, the Power Wheels charger has a voltage of 12V or 6V so that the toy car can be ready for charging. Now, to get the job done, read the given directions:

  • Connect the positive (+) terminal of the Power Wheel battery to the positive terminal of your car battery. Do the same on the negative terminal side.
  • Test out the current with the voltmeter. If the meter moves, then it is indicating the success of passing the current.
  • Notice the voltage of the battery per hour to ensure no hassle of overheating. If you feel like the battery is getting hotter, then detach the battery.
  • And, that’s it.

Method-2: Recharging Toy Car Battery Using a Direct Plug.

The best thing you can do to ensure the successful recharging of a toy car battery is by using the external power port. Most experts suggest choosing the alligator clamps so that you can simply connect the battery to the power cord.

The reason is that you can easily handle the current voltage and avoid the overheating snag with the help of a cord with an adapter. So, pick a location where you gonna charge the 6V battery of the toy car and hop into the process which is given below:

  • Insert the positive (+) alligator clamp to the positive (+) terminal of the toy car battery. Similarly, attach the negative (–) alligator clamp to the negative (–) battery terminal.
  • Take the voltmeter and test out the current in order to continue to the next step. If the current is flowing, then it’s working fine.
  • After charging the 6V battery, take out the negative terminal and then the positive one.  
  • Check if the battery is charged or not.

Note: The 6V toy car battery can operate for 45 minutes to 1 hour nonstop. So, be sure it doesn’t get fried. 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How long does it take to charge a 6V toy car battery?

It might take not more than 6 hours to charge a 6V battery. However, if the toy car is newly brought, then it will need up to 10 hours to charge it completely. 

2. Can you charge a 6 volt battery with a 2 Amp charger?

Yes, you can! It’s always suggested to charge the 6V battery using a 2-amp charger. And, the 2 to 4 amps charger will serve low amperage to charge the deep cycle battery. So that’s something to know about.

Wrap Up

Still not sure how to charge a 6V toy car battery? Hope that’s not the case because it’s a relatively simple task.

Just a few things here and there making you a little confused. But after giving this guide a read, probably you’ve got answers to whatever confusion was existing. Now go get the batteries charged, and let your children become happy again.

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