2 Best Ways to Charge Mercedes Toy Car Battery!

If your kid has one of those Mercedes toy cars, then at some point the battery may become dead. And then, finding how to charge a Mercedes toy car battery comes next. It’s not that hard!

And I’ll be guiding you with two easy ways, that you should be able to conduct without any issues.

So, whenever you are ready, let’s start the discussion.

how to charge a Mercedes toy car battery

Discover How to Charge a Mercedes Toy Car Battery.

There’re 2 methods to charge the Mercedes battery. And these are: by plugging a charger under the seat or using an external power outlet to simply get the job done.  

Finding about such short versions won’t be enough for some to charge the Mercedes battery. Well, no worries. As you’ll find the whole instructions down below. However, do you have a charging port or external outlet to continue the following procedure?  

If you have, then be sure the condition and quality of that are safe for this task. Otherwise, an explosion can occur. 

The Mercedes Toy Car Battery Charging Is a Simple Task –2 Ways to Try.

Learning the correct way to charge a Mercedes toy car is a piece of cake. All you need is to stay alert and follow the safety warnings before actually hopping into the procedure.

Safety Warning: 

  • Take out the rechargeable battery from the Mercedes toy car before you charge it.
  • Don’t replace batteries from other brands as it may cause fire accidents.  
  • Be sure to use the manufacturer-provided charger that is suitable for the Mercedes toy car battery. 
  • If you sense any burning smell, avoid charging the battery. 

#1 Method: Putting Charger Under the Seat.

  • Start by, opening the cover of the charging spot. The location of it is under the seat or near the dashboard. 
  • Then, attach the charger to the charging hole. Make sure it is tightly fitted. 
  • Next, place the charger into the socket. 
  • After charging that, plug out the charger and close the cover of the charging spot.  

#2 Method: Recharging Through the Power Outlet.

  • Connect the adapter into the Mercedes toy car. 
  • Next, attach the charging port to the power outlet. 
  • After that, charge for some hours and then plug it out.


  • Check if the toy car is running at a decent speed or not. If it is slowing down, then it means the battery hasn’t fully charged.
  • Ensure to charge the Mercedes battery for 4-8 hours daily.
How to Charge a Toy Car Battery

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How long does it take to charge a Mercedes kids car?

It will need 4 to 6 hours for the Mercedes toy car to be fully charged daily. However, most experts suggest not to charge the battery for more than 10 to 12 hours.

2. What happens if you don’t charge a battery fully the first time?

According to the manual, the manufacturer suggests charging the toy car battery for 8 hours in the initial usage. And if you don’t do that, it could harm the device.   

3. Do batteries drain when not in use?

Most toy car batteries do drain if not being used daily. As they are made out of lithium-ion and alkaline, these can lose capacity and lessen power when not in use. And for that, it is suggested to daily check the battery status and charge for a decent amount of time.  

Wrap Up

So here we are, by the very end of this guide. I hope you are now all clear on both of these processes discussing how to charge a Mercedes toy car battery. It’s nothing too hard. Just a little bit of idea here and there.

Well, on that note, leaving for today, I’ll be back with a similar topic soon.

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