How to Charge a Toy Car Battery? (Step by Step Guide)

Toy cars are amazing taking your kid from the kitchen to the living room. But once it stops midway, your kid might cry! So, it is important to charge it properly. Do you know how to charge a toy car battery? If the charger suddenly stops working, what will you do?

We are here with all these answers! Check it out to know how it works and how you should!

Steps of Toy Car Battery Charging

After you are done with the assembly of your 2 seater ride on car, you might want to charge it. It doesn’t matter how to make seat it has, charging it is necessary. If you have just bought a toy car, you have to be very careful about charging it.

If you want to know how to charge a toy car battery for the first time, keep additional time for it as it needs more time to get charged for the first time. If you have 6V batteries, these will require more or less 8 hours of continuous charge. On the other hand, if you have batteries of 12V, you have to settle for 12 hours of charge.

In cases of the 24V batteries, the time of charging will increase. It will be 18 hours of charge. So, you have already understood that the more voltage, the more charge you need when you are using the battery for the first time. Let us make a list of this for your better understanding.

6V Batteries: 8 hours

12V Batteries: 12 hours

24V Batteries: 18 hours

While going through the charging process, you have to make sure that the battery is at its maximum capacity. This will help you in keeping the battery in good health for the future. However, in the cases of electric cars, we always recommend good battery care.

The more care you take, the better service your battery will provide. So, try to avoid running the car until the battery is completely dead. Rather, when you will listen to the motor making noises as a sign of losing power, you have to take action. Get back the charger and charge it.

How to Charge a Toy Car Battery without Charger

In most cases, the lead-based batteries will get charged directly from the power supply.

  1. Firstly, you have to determine the charge voltage of the battery.
  2. Once you know the charge voltage, you have to go through the current limit along with the required voltage. Set them carefully. In this case, you have to be a bit mathematical.

NB: If you have a 12V battery, the power supply you are setting should be over 12V, 2A so that it can charge effectively. When you go for a 6V battery, go over 6V, 2A. There are times where you need to overshoot the standard 6.8V, 2A. In such cases, you have to limit the charge current.

  1. In this step, adding a resistor can be helpful to protect the battery when it comes to the failure of withstanding the set current. Not all toy car batteries are designed in the same manner. So, you might need variations. But if you go right, mostly, it will charge the battery seamlessly.

Charging Dead Toy Car Battery

If you want to know how to charge a toy car battery after the battery is dead, first of all, you have to get the charger. Before you start, check if the charger is working or not. In most cases, the chargers have a small light that can tell you if it is connected to the socket or not. Once you see it is connected, you can go for the next steps.

Step 1: Remove the Seat

Now that you know that the charger is working, you have to remove the car seat. Get your hands on the toy and then slowly, take off the car seat. After taking off the car seat, you will see the battery connectors. All you have to do is check it properly, try to learn about it, and disconnect them.

Step 2: Remove the Battery Connections and Brackets

After you have disconnected the battery connections, your battery will be almost free to get charged. However, you cannot take it off immediately. You have to go through the brackets first. Check the area properly and you will see battery brackets. Carefully, remove the brackets to get your hands on the battery.

Step 3: Remove the Battery Cover

When you are done with removing the brackets, the battery will be visible to you. However, the battery usually stays covered up with a cover so that it stays safe and reduces the chances of accidents. With your hands, go through the battery cover and remove it carefully.

Step 4: Lift the Battery

Once the battery is uncovered before you, you can take it out for charging it. Hold the battery and take it out. Be careful when you do it because you might unintentionally break it or damage any connection. When you lift it, hold the battery firmly but move your hands carefully and slowly. In some situations, some batteries are in bad condition.

If you use the toy car for a longer period, the battery might get worn out. In such situations, you might not want to hold the battery with bare hands. However, regardless of the battery condition, we recommend you getting protection for your skin and body before you touch the battery.

Before the process of removal, get some protective gloves for your hands so that if there is an accident, you can save your skin. Also, make sure you do not lift the battery if the connectors or the cables are connected. In this way, they can tear apart and permanently damage the toy car or the battery.

Step 5: Replace the Battery and Charge it

Now, take off the old battery and replace it with the new one. Get your hands on the connectors and connect the new battery. Go through the metal battery bracket and replace it. And now, you can easily replace the seat and start charging!

Safety Precautions

When you plan to charge the battery of your toy car, first of all, you have to keep in mind that the right charger is necessary. Usually, the required charger comes with the toy car. In some cases, people change the charger and use the other available ones.

This can harm the battery. Do not go for other brands. In some cases, there are accidents like an explosion when it comes to using other chargers. On the other hand, the case goes for the charger too. Do not use the charger with other appliances you have.

Avoid using the battery of the toy in some other toys or devices. If you do this, it might get overheated. This can cause fire or other explosion and damage your property. So, first of all, get the right charger without any compromise.

Wrap Up

All the steps of charging the car battery mentioned here will help you charge it. Also, if you have lost the charger or damaged it, you can still make it work with our easy methods!

Comment below on how you charge your toy car battery? Do you have easier methods than this? Share it with us!

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