How to Clean Baby Toys That Can’t Be Washed?

Your little sweetheart loves his or her toys! And you can’t help but smile looking at them having a pleasing time with their favorite belongings. But, have you ever felt slightly concerned watching them trying to chew or put those toys in their mouth? They don’t understand that’s not the right way to play, and we can’t complain about it to babies. But what we can do this keep their toys at all times clean, and if possible, sanitize the baby toys.

The problem arrives when you come across toys that are not allowed to have too much water contact. So how to clean baby toys that can’t be washed, that’s what you need to find out. Well, let’s do it together!

How to Clean Baby Toys That Can’t Be Washed

How to Clean Baby Toys That Can’t Be Washed?

You can simply clean baby toys that are non-washable by using wipes or placing them under direct sunlight. Or, with the steam, they can be cleaned at ease.

According to the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), handwashing baby toys with water and mild detergent is a good option to disinfect the germs, then drying them in an airy room will remove dirt or viruses. 

But it would be better if you just avoid water when cleaning non-washable toys. Now, it is essential to have tools such as baby toy cleaner spray that helps to clean them without involving water. Be sure it is good in quality and works fine against viruses.  

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I think, the CleanSmart Toy Disinfectant Spray is an excellent alternative for in-home usage. Also, it is pocket-friendly that allows users to carry well. This works fine against viruses and germs, and it arrives in 2 packs.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Non-Washable Baby Toys – Step-by-Step Guide.  

If you are wondering how to wash soft toys that can’t be washed, then know there’re a few methods that work for the purpose. It only needs essential tools and focus in order to complete the task in perfect tune. Let’s get into the methods:

Sanitize Baby Toys with Disinfectant Wipes.

One of the easiest and time-saving tricks to clean toys without washing would be the wipes. But not all wipes will work fine unless they are suitable for the task. Using the disinfectant one that has the “kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria” tag is good. 

The cleaning process is very simple as you just need to take a wipe and gently swap over the toys to ensure no residue. And then, let them dry. This way you can easily get rid of viruses, germs, or bacteria really quick.

Clean Baby Toys Under Sunlight.

Another excellent technique that has been followed from ancient times to clean things naturally is by placing items under the direct heat of the sun. FYI, sunlight contains UVR, UVA, and UVC that works great against germs.

But, how to clean non-washable soft toys under sunlight? If it’s new to you, then follow the given instructions:

  • Gather all the baby toys that can’t be washed. 
  • Place a towel on the ground in a place where sunlight is reachable.
  • Use the disinfecting spray on the toy surfaces. 
  • Put all of them on the towel. 
  • Wait for up to 5-6 hours or more if possible. And, that’s it.

By doing these steps, you’ll find the baby toy not only clean and disinfected but also a good odor will accompany that is kid-friendly. 

Disinfect Baby Toys Using Steam.

The last way that works fine in order to kill germs using vaporized technology is steam. To clean the baby toys, you can also use it as this is a gentle process. Here are the directions:

  • Fill water and cleaning solution inside the tank through the mouth. 
  • Turn on the steam cleaner. 
  • Place the mist on the baby toys and continue to steam them for 5 seconds. 

Disclaimer: This method might not work on deep or stubborn stains. But it will definitely remove bacteria and dust.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you wash stuffed animals?

Yes, you can wash stuffed animals but it will require many hours to soak. And so, most people avoid washing them and look for alternative methods that don’t involve water.

Are germs found on toys?

According to new research, it is described that the flu or viruses can grow and spread through toys. Viruses such as Covid 19 can live on baby toys for 24 hours. That means the germs will extend if anyone touches the toys without cleaning   

Easy way to clean soft toys 

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to clean baby toys that can’t be washed, three ways in total. Now you may wonder steam and spray are liquids basically, isn’t that going to be an issue? Most of the time, no it should not be a problem. Spraying and steaming won’t make the toys drizzle in the water. That’s what we are trying to avoid. A few drips and drops are not harmful.

On that note, see you again, take care!

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