How To Hide Toys in Living Room (5 Quick Ideas)

Not all of us have the space at our home that could play the role of a playroom. And that’s why, new parents have toys and baby stuffs, basically spread like a mess on the ground of their living room. It feels all good until a guest pays a visit and the look of a little disgust is clearly visible on their face.

Now, it’s not necessary for you to pay attention to such things. But organizing the toys is still important. Breaking the toy by accidentally stepping on it, or even worst getting hurt by it, are not normal. And so, you should consider organizing the toys, and with a little effort, you can even keep them away from attention.

Yes, that’s what you and I would discuss today, exactly how to hide toys in living room and keep them organized.

How To Hide Toys in Living Room

How to Hide Toys in Living Room?

Shifting baby toys in baskets, containers, trunks, storage bins, or magazine racks might hide them in the living room. Otherwise, making space inside cabinets to store toys will hide them well. 

House will look awful if children’s dolls or teddies stay in the living room. And to stop that, you have to keep them hidden from people’s eyes by choosing good tools and places. 

It would be great if you have good storage cases that can hold toys without ruining the affecting the living room looks. Just ensure the carriers are capable and able to hold tons of stuff. 

My Recommendations.

Made with linen fabric, the Perber Storage Basket is an excellent pick for hiding toys. And also, it looks great that can be placed inside small areas, also it won’t tear or rip easily.

To hold toys inside the space, I love the Homyfort Storage Container that comes with a lid. Plus, there’s a removable divider to organize the tools in the right way. The striking design and foldability make it one of the best picks.  

5 Ways to Hide Toys in Your Living Room – Simple Storage Ideas.

Does your mind ever go “how do I keep my kid’s toys in living room?” If yes, then you are going to love these ideas specifically. Hiding small items is easy but when it comes to the big stuff, the task gets harder. 

There are lots of toy storage ideas living room that keep things hidden as much as possible which you can try.

1: Magazine Racks

For anyone who is looking for toy storage ideas for small spaces can try using magazine racks as they’ll do great. You’ll find them in different colors and designs to match your living space. 

Kid toys such as airplanes, crayons, markers, little horses, dolls, and so on stuff will be perfect to hold inside the magazine racks. Since they are small, you can put them on top of the desk or maybe under the bookshelf rack to hide the toys perfectly. 

2: Baskets

One of the handiest storage items is baskets. You as a parent can use them to simply hide larger or smaller toys. Since most of the baskets allow stuff to fit completely, this item will be ideal for such purpose. 

It is not compulsory to go with a square shape basket as you can pick rectangular, round, or other types based on your preference. Plus, in the store, they come in a couple of sizes with different patterns so that one can choose according to preference.

You can put on electrical toys, teddies, video games, chessboards, remote-controlled cars, and so on in the baskets. Just place the baskets beside the sofa or under the table to avoid ruining the looks.

3: Storage Trunks

Toys that are tiny such as ninja, crochet, and unicorn doll can be stored in office storage trunks. They are usually used for carrying jewelry, files, or any useful assets. Thanks to their artistic look, you can store toys inside them on top of the small cabinet in the living room.

4: Aesthetic Containers

You can add a good vibe to the living room while hiding toys by using aesthetic containers or carriers. Also, their size and shape options are accessible for you to carry crayons and small toys. Just place them inside the cabinet or under the table. 

5: Plastic Storage Bins

In case your kids have tons of toys, the plastic storage bins will work great to secure and hide them nicely without ruining the appearance of the living room. Just be sure the plastic storage bin is neutral colored and place in unnoticeable places. 

And also, ensure these are either 6 or 7 inches with no lid so that they can be placed under the couch or bedside cabinet.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many toys should a child have?

Kids can have 20 or more toys. But a recent study shows that children with fewer toys have more fun playing than kids who have more. So, let your kid choose which type of toys they prefer and keep aside others for later. 

Should toys be in the bedroom?

No! It’s one of the worst ideas that’ll not only ruin the look of your bedroom but also cause hassle when you try to clean the space. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this guide on how to hide toys in living room was easy for you to take notes from. What do you think? Do the ideas seem compatible with your living room setting? I really hope so! Most of the hacks are kept considering items or areas everyone has in their living room. Give it a try!

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