Guide on How To Make 6v Power Wheels Faster

Do you know how exciting you will be if you imagine a 12v drive system running at 5-mph speed considering yourself at kid’s state! Well, you can easily convert your 6v power wheels to 12v or more than that for rubbing your boringness. This article will teach you how to make 6v power wheels faster.

The power wheels are one of the coolest toys for the kids of 5-10 years. But with their increment in ages, the speed of the motor decrease instead of gaining. It’s evident because their weight gets heavier. 

And at first, you will buy of-course a 6v Power wheels. To increase the wheels’ speed, either you need to add a new motor or need to add a 12v battery to the system. Before knowing the process we have to know about the common problem which we should avoid. Without any discussion, let’s get started.   

The Common Problem which you Need to Avoid

While changing the battery from 6v to 12v, you must change the wires’ size, including the chassis. It will prevent the cables from burning. We all know new up-gradation always needs some new parts to change the thing.

So, there are two methods of making power wheels faster. That is the installation of the new wire and the structure of the 12v battery. For cost-effectiveness, the Aftermarket batteries are the best to buy. Moreover, you can find the latest electric motors from inside the radio controller toys.

Four Stage Up-Gradation

Besides, there are other four stages for the up-gradation of your power wheels. Changing Battery is a typical process that includes one of these four stages. The three steps are Electronic Speed Controller, Adding Own built parts, and giving a good look.

For controlling the power of the motor, you need ESC. It works like a switching hub. Adding the parts like ATV-style suspension will gain the speed of Power wheels even in off-road condition. 

Making it look like a Faster power wheels needs a fancy look. You can do this by adding LED lights under the body for a direct light shadow.

Getting know on how to make 6v power wheels faster

Wait a minute! There is much more you need to know about it. Below we will talk about it in detail. We will be discussing every single detail, from changing to building an upgraded Power wheels. For upgrading the power wheels for gaining more speed:

#1) Installation of the New Motor

At first, we will be talking details about the installation of a New Motor. It is one of the methods among the two methods.

  • At first, screw out the previous motor from the power wheels. You need to turn the body upside down and remove the wheels. You will observe a black color motor, which you need to remove by placing the proper screwdriver.
  • Before inserting the new motor, make sure that the engine’s size is adjustable to your power wheels. For observing the motor more clearly, you need to remove some of the hardware. Also, remove the brushless motor from the secondary car.
  • For inserting a spade connector with the pin of the brushless motor, you can either purchase a cheaper spade or manually construct it. The spade must be solder-free.
  • Now slightly push the motor into the spade and then screw it back to the place to hold the battery. You need to adjust the engine hardly by twisting it.
  • Without the battery’s connection, attach the wires like the previous one and put back the wheels to their places.

#2) Installation of the Battery

Now we will be talking about the installation of a battery into your power wheels. It is the second method for upgrading your wheelers.

  • At first, buy an aftermarket 12v battery after matching the specification with your power wheel’s previous battery. Purchasing from aftermarket will save you money.
  • Carefully crack the top of the battery with a screwdriver. Please don’t damage the black connector because you need to connect it with the power wheels later on.
  • After pulling the black connector, cut off the cover of both positive and negative wires, and clip them with the battery as a new storm may contain lots of waste chemicals. So, recycling will be a better option.
  • We need a 30 Amp fuse to insert in the fuse holder, which you need to connect to the battery’s positive end.
  • Then at the opposing end of the battery connector, insulate the female spade, and the remaining expose fuse wire.
  • Lastly, connect the negative battery side to the negative connector and the fuse end to the positive end terminal.

So, these are the two methods through which you can upgrade the speed of your power wheels from 6v to 12v. 

The Conversion of 6v Power Wheels to 12v Using Double Gearboxes

The Elimination of Standard Wiring Hitch

The primary step is the removal of the wiring harness, which is already in stock. The dashboard needs to be unscrewed, and on the underside, there is a protective channel, which also needs to be removed. It is the case for the BPRO model.

In the 6V harness, there is nothing profound it only includes some switch connectors and wiring of 18-22awg. Car setup is easy in 12V components.

Auxiliary of Wiring Hitch for a Bench Trial

In case you modified power wheels, then you can probably get some junkyard pieces. A 12V wiring harness is required for this step.

If you can manage the pieces, then the wiring harness will become easy for you. Moreover, you will need a gearbox that needs to match the pair.

Adjusting 12v Hitch to the Frame

A cut is required in the foot of the switch area to fit in the 12V switch. In those locations, the gearbox needs to be held loosely.

The battery needs to be secured by tying it physically downwards. Additionally, an inline fuse holder needs to be used with a 30A fuse.

Installation and Modification of Tail Axle

As the gearbox doesn’t have space in the rear axle, so you need to grind the notch off, which is outside. For that, the gearbox will able to slide far.

Assemble Everything

In the end, just put the car back in a standard way, and you are ready to go for the test drive. You will get better results in 12V.Reasons for placing 12V battery

The board is made of 6V divided into two channels, and it is accessible by four screws. You will find a melted wire which acts as a fuse on the bottom of the green circuit.

You need to clip the wire as near as possible to the board after cutting the bottom part. You can also mount a 12V battery with zip ties and wood under the front axle.

The Need for two 12V Channel Dispatch

You can also buy a 12V Channel separated into two parts for less than two dollars. But for making it safe, make sure you have a circuit breaker out of the battery.


Finally, you have both the positive and negative 12V power. The small blue and white triggers control the forward and reverse parts.

The wire that will go in the motor is the big blue one. You can also make a Y-type cable while striping and connecting it.

You can also use caps for tying all the things together and pleat them back at the panel. It will save you time.

Now, i would like to know from you,  which things you didn’t know before? Leaving by comment below the post.  We hope that this article will make you understand How To Make 6v Power Wheels Faster at your own. So guys,  if you need any asks on this post,  feel free to know us via email or comment us below this post.

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