How to Sanitize Baby Toys In The Right Way

One of the most important duties of parents has to be keeping the surroundings and belongings of their baby’s sanitized and cleaned properly. Not only do you need to be aware of the right way of cleaning baby toys but also sanitizing them thoroughly is equally necessary. And this could be something a lot of new parents would get lost in.

Don’t worry, I’ll share a manageable way of how to sanitize baby toys all by yourself with the least effort but for the most effectiveness. Stay till the end.

How to Sanitize Baby Toys

Therefore, How to Sanitize Baby Toys?

Just clean the any mess by using a wiper or damp cloth if the baby toys are functioning with batteries. You can also clean toys in the washing machine and then sanitize them with homemade solutions like bleach (but carefully) or use a safe to use disinfectant spray.

As you’ll find different variety of baby toys that are either battery-operated or made with rubber, silicone, and soft materials, the traditional ways of cleaning them might not suit all. 

In the sanitizing process, you will need some supplies that need to be good in quality for the purpose. If you have them then, just hop into the steps. Or else, bring those ASAP. 

My Recommendation?

The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes is a good alternative for clearing germs and dirt from toys. And, you only need 1 sheet to clean up where it comes in 3 sets, which works greatly against viruses.   

Plus, love the PetraTools Disinfecting Fogger that makes things simpler with its advanced technology. The reason why it stands on top is due to its powerful motor and large tank. This helps to fog from 15-20 feet.   

The Right Ways to Disinfect Baby Toys Within A Few Minutes!

Being clueless about how to sanitize baby toys safely is a common thing among young parents. The good news is it doesn’t require an expert-level skill or hard labor to cleanse ideally.

You only need to use the right technique based on the baby toy’s material or type. So, grab the essential tools that are needed and hop into the given process. 

Cleanse Baby Toys Using Bleach.

Usually, baby toys that are made out of soft materials would be ideal for sanitizing with bleach. Not only that it will remove the visible mold but also ensure no microbes or viruses. So, how to disinfect baby toys with bleach? If you’re asking that, then follow the given directions:

  • Wash the soft baby toys. 
  • Make a mixture using 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach in the 1-gallon water. And, dip the toys into the solution for some minutes.
  • Put them out and air dry.  

Note: The baby toy might need 5 minutes to sanitize when using bleach and water.

Alternative Technique:

If you don’t have bleach at home, then check out how to disinfect baby toys naturally

  • Make a liquid solution using 1 cup of white or apple cider vinegar in half-gallon water. 
  • Soak the baby toys by leaving them for a while.
  • Put them out of the solution and place the toys in the dish rack. 

Use Antibacterial Wipes for Baby Toys.

Sanitizing the plastic children’s toys would be easier if used with antibacterial wipes. Some experts suggest applying bacterial-free wipes while others advise using with mixtures. After spending time using quite a few options, I feel this is the right way of using wipes, described down below. 

  • Wash out the plastic toys with clean water. 
  • With the wipes, clean grimes which are visible. 
  • After that, leave the baby toys for air drying.  

Note: After using the wipe, it only takes 10 seconds to purify the toy’s surface.

Quickly Sanitize Baby Toys Via Spray Sanitizer.

For busy parents who have to work outside or at home, the smartest way to cleanse the baby toys will be spray sanitizer or fogger. You only need to hold the nozzle and with the mist technology, it will disinfect the toys. 

Besides, it doesn’t need to soak in water for deep cleansing. To use it in the proper manner, you only need to hold the fogger for 3 minutes on all baby toys. And then, wait for a couple of seconds to get the job done.

Note: It will require 10-14 seconds to cleanse the baby toys with the spray sanitizer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do germs live on toys?

Well, it depends on the germ types. In soft toys, surfaces, or clothes, they usually live for 1 or 2 days. Then again, the viable viruses stay for 3-4 hours.

Can I use Microban on baby toys?

Yes, it is possible to use. In fact, it is food-contact approved which means your kids can put the toys in their mouth and no harm shall occur thanks to the Microban coverage. But it will secure the surface for only a day.

Final Words

Finding how to sanitize baby toys and acting upon them to keep your little one’s wellbeing always maintained is important.

And hopefully, this guide was able to give you some insight of the processes. It’s easy, and for most of us, manageable for regular sanitizing. So don’t keep aside this crucial step and basically safeguard your babies from minor and major illnesses.

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