What is the Best Power Wheels for 5-10 Year Olds?- Buying Guide

Power wheels would be the best birthday gift for your kids. It makes them develop a sense of driving at different styles of seat, speed, and navigation. For that, it would be a replica of Mercedes, a Quad or ATV, and many more.

Not all kids prefer to have the same types of power wheels. The choices would be many, but we fix the hurdles after in our review of Power wheels for 5-10-year old’s

We try to sort out the differences based on styling, design, and features. So, we may now recommend the best choices available, including a few downsides as well. Now, we offer you to read the review to easily fix your mind.

Here’re our top Recommended Power Wheels for 5-10-year-olds at a Glance:

360° spinning around, 5 mph, 4 parent-controlled speed, Large, durable tires, Extra-wide seat perfect for 5-10 years old

Monster Traction system, 5 mph, Metal sidebars, Power Lock Brake, 2 seater

3.0 mph, 1 seater, pink, girls’ favorite, Power-Lock brakes

Weight limit – 130 lbs., 5 mph, Seats 2, Power-Lock brakes

6 mph, Parent-controlled, high-speed lockout, Power-lock brakes, Max. weight 65 lb.

5 mph, Sporty chrome wheels, Drives on hard surfaces and grass

What Are The Models Of Power Wheels For 5-10 Year Olds?

Features of one model to another would be versatile. For example, the Jeep type model with its great reverse speed won’t be as same as any Dune Racer and vice-versa. However, they are both good for off-road rides for 5-10 years old kids power wheels.

There would be ATVs, Truck or Jeep-like wheelers, replica models, and sporty designed models. Every model will tell a few different stories. If you want to match the choice of your kid, ask them how adventurous they are.

Furthermore, as a parent, you need to find your kid to cope up as well. Here is why move on with their age and physical abilities. The fancier design with colorful bright shades would be another aspect as well. An example would be the Lamborghini power wheels for 5-10 year olds.

Aside from the enjoyment, your main purpose is to know whether the model is functional or not. One of the key aspects we overlook is the installation process, like whether it is pre-assembled or not; it has pre-mixing parts all together or requires future purchasing.

Some models with exceptionally robust designs like handlebars, body frames, shock-absorbers, and other accessories give a hard time during installation. We will let you know more about this in our power wheels for 8-10 year olds reviews.

Top 5 Power Wheels for 5-10 Year Olds: Our Honest Review

1. Best Overall: Power Wheels Wild Thing

Power Wheels Wild Thing

Things We Like:

  • Joystick steering
  • Spin at 360°
  • 4-speed modes with parenting control
  • Rugged and large wheels with enough traction
  • Spacious seat suitable for all ages

Available On Amazon

Kids love fun rides, and parents love safety. These two features you will get to see in Wild Things power wheels. It is designed with robust tires, spacious seats, and an amazing 360° spinning, which is why it is capable of smashing around multi-terrain driving.

It is a 12V electronic motorized vehicle, and the best thing about it is, it has an amazing build quality. Tough built design with the rubber-based tires gives whirling spin. As the tires are quite large and rugged with traction so your fun-loving kids can go off-road and have fun.

The 4-speed modes are pretty versatile and also allow parents to take control of it. In a reverse drive, it will speed up to 2.5 km/h as it safeguards your kid’s driving. In forward speed, it will be double.

Using the speed mode on the forward side, the kid driver will enjoy the speed up to 8km/h that is fast & furious to cross across neighborhoods. The joystick located to the left and right works as steering to twirl and have fun. Stepping on the power wheels makes you feel so roomy as an adult driver will find it spacious too.

Summary: Overall, the main attention of this car toy is not to have the traditional steering, and the tires are so big. Therefore, it gives the most outdoor driving experience what many power wheels fail to do so. 
👍 Pros:
  • No age limits to ride kids or adult
  • Convenient seating and smooth driving
  • Fast but safe
👎 Cons:
  • Not suitable for kids who love realistic car or replica

2. Best for 5-7 Years Old: Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune Racer

Things We Like:

  • 12V power wheels for Offroad fun race
  • Stainless steel and durable body frame
  • Tires have Monster traction for rough terrain
  • Forward speed 5km/h & reverse speed half of it
  • Metal sidebars handle

Available On Amazon

Dune Racer is an amazing fun ride power wheel specially designed for the off-road terrains where grass, ruts, and mud are key hurdles. Thankfully, it will overcome all the hurdles without giving any hard-time to your 5-7 years old kid.

This is an amazing two-seater car where two kids perfectly sit beside each other. According to safety, it comes with the metal sidebars handles to grip. Moreover, the body frame is boasting off with the sturdier steel frame that makes it lightweight but durable. The cockpit is roomy enough, and the steering will give kids thrill to hold and move on.

The braking system is also improved with the power lock system so your kid so it won’t get started without your consent. The unit is empowered by a 12V battery with a charger that is built for serving endless efficiency for a two hours fun ride.

Summary: If you want your kid to go for seamless driving action, this power wheeler would be the best option as a 2 seater parenting remote toy car. The manufacturer has a trusted base as they put these cars to the lab test and bring it to you. When your toddlers will experience thrilling, and you won’t need to break the bank, then it is a better pick next to you.
👍 Pros:
  • Ease of riding on any surface
  • Maximum components come with pre-assembled
  • Smooth & safe driving
👎 Cons:
  • Hard braking may make it slippery on concrete pavement

3. Best Budget for 5-7 Years Old: Power Wheels FCD22 Corvette

Power Wheels FCD22 Corvette

Things We Like:

  • One-seater power wheels with closed doors
  • Power locks braking enabled
  • Pink seat and rims
  • 6-volts car speeding up to 3 km/h
  • Clear-lense headlights

Available On Amazon

If you are looking for a power wheel under replica design, then Corvette C7 power wheels have come with a realistic design. The pinky color across the rim makes it the best Power Wheels for Girls. Besides, the steering wheel, single-seat, and inside the dashboard have deep-finish pink glossy color.

However, there are color options for this toy car that you can choose for your boy. This toy car has enough safety with seating style, and so you get to see it has an enclosed door-opening.

The only downside of it, this is a one-seater car, and it is not fast enough for a 5, 6, or 7-year old. That is why this is our best budget pick.

However, moving on to the concrete or hard driveway, it keeps your kid settled for a smooth ride. The speed mode is limited to 3mph, as it is empowered by a 6-Volt battery.

The white finish is sticky and durable, considerably quite unforgiving to fade away. It is suitable for your youngster to cruise around sidewalks and driveways. The operation is easy and smooth to hold back, reverse to forward mood and start from one tap.

Summary: If your kid has not got his/her hands on an electric vehicle yet, the Power Wheels Corvette will be the best option. It doesn’t cost much, and you don’t need to worry about accidents due to high-speed. 
👍 Pros:
  • Perform better on a hard surface
  • Realistic gear functioning
  • Designed for safe driving
👎 Cons:
  • Max Speed limit would be slow to some buyers

4. Best Jeep for 5-7 Years Old: Power Wheels Jurassic World, Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Jurassic World, Jeep Wrangler

Things We Like:

  • Jurassic park styling with true graphics
  • Door open and close mode
  • Drives safely on grass and concrete surface
  • Sturdy frame supports up to 130 lbs
  • Realistic light bar and spacious seats

Available On Amazon

If your kids are fancier to drive any Power wheels jeep, then this fits on their dream driving style. Moreover, it is representing the Jurassic world jeep wrangler, so it will definitely take them to the Jurassic world.

One important caution it does have is never allow your kids to jump-off at the same time. Because the seat belt is not there to save them, and they may get-off any time. However, still, they would be safe as the door will remain shut during driving. Only they will jump off one after another.

As every jeep is good to ride on off-road terrain, the Jeep Wrangler will easily cruise across any surface. The seat design is neither closed nor open door system, but your kid can keep them both. The sound is deep and somewhat harsh to hear, but it is for mimicking the true Wrangler.

Summary: Once you get your hands on it, your kid will love the fastest speed, which will speed up to 8km/h at max. by the way, at maximum level, your kid will go through 4 gear shifts, and gradually and safely they will chase their fancy animals.
👍 Pros:
  • It offers adventurous driving
  • Dashboard setup includes real dinosaur sound
  • Roomy inside storage area
👎 Cons:
  • Nothing comes pre-assembled, and it takes hours

5. Best Racing ATV for 5-7 Years Old: Power Wheels Racing ATV

Power Wheels Racing ATV

Things We Like:

  • High-speed lockout for a safe drive
  • Power-lock braking system
  • Realistic quad in terms of styling & graphics
  • Maximized with power speed
  • Parent controlling

Available On Amazon

ATV riding is fun but not suitable for kids. To make it real, get your hands on ATV racing power wheels. The one-seater bike-like ATV has enough speed and rolls on wet or muddy grass, just like your kid is letting it go.

As the speed level is pretty high compared to other power wheels, we recommend you to let them get used to it after a couple of hours practicing on a hard or safe surface. To disallow them to go higher speed, get your hands on the high-speed lockout. Well, this feature makes your kid safe on it.

The features of it set together to give a toddler a safe run at the fastest speed. The frame is close to the 4-wheelers so the rider will easily get-in and get-down.  The 5-7 years kid will accommodate the seats and find a sense of driving after gripping the handles.

To keep your kid safe, you will have a remote control with certain distance coverage. If you are worried about the integral functions or the mechanism, then rely on it as it is tested out safe and sound from Fisher-Price Play Lab.

Summary: We know one of the main hurdles of power wheels is to make them fix flawlessly. Here in this condition, it comes with no mixing parts to fix, and almost many components are pre-assembled in the right order. If you follow some basic instructions, you can set it up. The real ATV ride would be safe and thrilling, that’s the reason to bring it now.
👍 Pros:
  • It has maximum reverse speed
  • Easy to control for kids
  • It doesn’t slip even in the wet
👎 Cons:
  • Not safe ride on toys chasing the real ATVs terrain

6. Other Consideration: Power Wheels Ford Mustang Boss 302

Power Wheels Ford Mustang Boss 302

Available On Amazon

The last pick is the Ford Mustang replica car in the mode of power wheels. It boasts of amazing design with colorful design with the sporty chrome wheels.

It falters in some areas; we find so but has some great traits in other aspects. Here is why we bring it and recommend you to ponder upon it. The good side is with the replica based design has good speed to cruise around hard or grass areas. At the same time, the frailty is with the shock absorber, storage compartment, inside roomy storage, and, more noticeably, the ability to stick around a wet surface.

We find it as a realistic Mustang power wheel ride on most hard surfaces without messing around. So, if these make your kid wonder to drive, it is a perfect Power wheel for 5-10-year-olds two-seater

What to Consider Before Buying Best Power Wheels for 5-10-year-olds?

When you opt for the best power wheels for 5-10-year-olds, you will get to see tons of choices out there. We will recommend you get your hands on the following things to look for before buying power wheels for 5-10 years olds.

Age Preference:

Power wheels come with many types, but you need to buy a car that suits your kid’s preference unless it turns out to be null and void. Based on the ages, you will come to see power wheels variably come for 12 months toddlers to 7 years kids. Noticeably, the older your kid means, the choices will come with more extra features.

Furthermore, the replica cars are more in numbers for 3-5 years, and if your kid is older than that, you will get to see quad cars, ATVs, and Trucks. Here is why it is pretty crucial the age preference shall not fall short at the beginning.

The number of Seats and Features:

Yes, most people commonly brainstorm whether they should bang on the Power wheels for 5-10 year olds 2 seater or 1 seater. You are not an exception who will forget this feature. Well, the 2 seater seat is much more preferable as they are spacious, welcoming to bring a friend, and somewhat comparatively safer.

However, 1 seater power wheels are good bait as they are more affordable and a good choice for kids under 3 years. By the way, no matter what number of seats you will look for, the crucial thing is safety issues. So make sure your power wheels come with durable rubber stripes seat belts and long enough to buckle up and sturdier as well.

Power Capability:

Commonly, batteries would be either 6V or 12V, and for power wheelers, we recommend you to get your hands on 12-V electric cars. However, some 6V versions may come with upgrade conditions.

Batteries that die faster are not welcome, especially before 1 hour. Lastly, also sort out the reverse and forward speed limits aside from the average speed. If you match with your preference and features, then ship it right away!

Surfaces Preference to Ride-on:

Your kid may drive the car on many surfaces. Hence, you need to get it right and sort out such conditions. If the kid requires more enjoyment, they will opt for versatile surface preference from hard floor to wet surface, from grass to pavement. So, make sure to know if the feature exists or not.


Choosing the best power wheels for 5-10-year old’s is a tough decision. Because if you are whimsical about model types and features accordingly, the whole investment seems at stake. We, hopefully, try to figure out many scenarios and educate you on what are the models of power wheels for 5-10-year-olds. Now the table turns to you, so let’s make a perfect decision.

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