The Types of Toys for Toddlers That Need According to Their Age

As a new parent, it’s very likely to be not sure What types of toys do toddlers need and also which one specifically your tiny darling would love to have.

There are so many benefits you can bring home along with these toys, just a little bit of odd idea and information on each of the toys to make sensible choices will be applicable.

And that’s what inspired me to give you some fresh notes today, on the available toddler-friendly toys. What’s great is that I plan to suggest according to age, so stick till the very end.

What types of toys do toddlers need

What Types of Toys Do Toddlers Need That Are Going to Be Safe?

Kids who are 0-3 years old will require building blocks, crafted & educational toys, mixed reality games, and so on. Toddlers will also love to play kitchen or doctor. All of which are pretty safe. 

Not all toys are good for toddlers as this is the perfect age for physical and mental growth. Based on that, most experts suggest choosing games that will be useful for kids to train skills.

Also, do you have some brain-developing toys at your home? If yes, then it should be sufficient. Else, grab some from a nearby store. 

My Recommendations.

To improve social and emotional growth, the Mega Building Blocks set is one-of-a-kind option. I love this game for its smart strategy that helps kids to think creatively and add motor skills. It also has a cute little bag for storage.

Likewise, the Melissa & Doug Puzzles set is beneficial for increasing hand-eye coordination, patience, and logical thinking. The best part of it is you will find 4 different puzzles in one pack.

The Popular Types of Toys for Toddlers – Categories & Ages. 

Games or toys are some of the things a toddle would love to have to start the morning. And, they can be helpful for education and emotional growth if you can select out the best one. 

Based on child development toys by age, not all of them are good to add motor or memory skills. So, let’s learn what toys do toddlers really need and their suitability based on age. 

Toys for Pre-toddlers: Birth to 6 Months.

  • Rattles: They are a tool that makes sounds when being shacked. These kinds of toys help to add grasping skills and increase visual tracking ability.
  • Large Stacking Rings: Toddles like to play these kinds of games that add gross motor skills. 
  • Squeeze Balls: These are one of the most restful toys that relieve stress and increase flexion or movement of the hand.
  • Teether Toys: These types of toys are fine for toddlers to ensure comfort and soothe out pain. 
  • Dolls: To teach toddlers empathy and emotional stuff, the dolls play a good role. And so, these are must-have stuff.
  • Textured Balls: These are handy toys that add motor skills, timing, and of course hand-eye coordination. 
  • Stacking Cups: 6-month kid would love these types of toys that improve memory, educational, and movement skills. 

Toys for Infant Toddlers: 7 to 12 Months.

  • Puppets: One of the coolest toys for infant kids is puppets. It can be monkeys, elephants, or other animal shapes to increase imitation and motor coordination. 
  • Baby Dolls: They are great toys that not only add self-help skills but also ensure cognitive activities. 
  • Plastic or Wood Cars: These kinds of toys are good for improving balance and stack. It’ll also let toddlers learn different patterns by adding memorizing skills.
  • Kitchen or Doctor Kit Toys: For anyone who wants their kid to improve cognitive ability and problem-solving skills, get them ASAP.

Toys for Toddlers: 1 to 2 Years.

  • Wood or Plastic Block: Based on one research, toddlers will need blocks to increase logical and educational skills. Plus, playing with these toys might help kids to quickly learn math, geometry, algorithm, and other problem-solving stuff.  
  • Plastic Animals: With these types of toys, kids can improve their language skills easily. Also, toddlers will be able to learn social interactions and imageology skills.
  • Small Balls: Toddlers will gain spatial and motor skills through them if used daily. And, these toys help master new concepts quickly. 
  • Wood Puzzlers: They are great in order to improve self-correction, self-esteem, socializing, abstract thinking, and other skills.  

Alternative Open-ended Toys for Toddlers:

  • Cardboard Boxes: These toys are great for toddlers to have good solving skills and physical motion.
  • Dress-up Toys: Kids who are usually 1 year would love to play with dress-up toys. They are good for building brain function, empathy, imitation, and other skills too. 
  • Crayons: Drawing is one of the fun games for toddlers and this can be done with crayons. They are great to develop motor function and creativity.   
  • Unbreakable Mirrors: These are fine for toddlers (0 to 6 months) to know visual senses and imagination skills.   
  • Activity Boards: They are excellent for kids to adapt curiosity and investigating moods. These kinds of toys help improve movement and coordination.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

What every toddler needs?

Most toddlers have 4 important needs to live well such as independence, rest, affection, and space. These things need to be balanced and you must be aware of them.

Do toddlers really need toys?

In order to improve physical or mental skills, toddlers do need toys. However, the amounts of toys have to be fixed and fewer for better fun playtime. 

What are toddlers interested in?

Toddlers are interested to learn new and playing new things. Apart from playing games, they love roaming around rooms, drawing art, and so on. 

Wrap Up

And that’s basically my thoughts on what types of toys do toddlers need basing on their ages. Was it helpful? Hope It Was! This is the best time of your life as a parent, and you have the heart to do everything in the best regard for your child’s wellbeing.

Choosing toys for them would be a crucial part, as the stuff would be spending a good amount of time with them. Good luck with your first phase of being a parent!

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