What is the Oldest Toy in the World?

Modern toys are more like dolls that walk or the planes that fly or scientific educational toys. But have you ever imagined how the ancient toys were?

They didn’t have amazing technology to put in their toys. So, they decided to shape them with the handy products they had. So, what is the oldest toy in the world and how was it like?

Let us know the details!

Construction of Ancient Toys

Back then, the children didn’t have the ride on toys you get to see these days. The parents used to feed their kids with toys made of organic products. They used to keep their children busy by creating the structure of something that the adults used to use. For the design, they used rocks and sticks. Along with this, clay was a common material for toy construction.

Egyptian children used to play with dolls and these dolls had wigs. The limbs were movable and they were designed with wood, pottery, and stone. Ankles of sheep and goats were also utilized as the material of dolls and toys. Knucklebones were used as dice and they used to throw these.

The Oldest Toys

Here, we will discuss the oldest toys according to archeologists and researchers. Some specific toys are considered as the oldest. However, we will talk about the ones that are mostly supported by experts.

National Toy Hall of Fame: Doll Head

What is the oldest toy in the world? Do you have any idea? Today, we will know! The oldest toy of all time is tough to be declared as a lot of time has been passed and people are still unsure about the construction of the toys. Yet, the National Toy Hall of Fame declared stick and awarded it as the “oldest toy” of the world.

According to a curator of Egyptian art of Brooklyn Museum named by Edward Bleiberg, the Neolithic balls are made of mud. However, it will be tough to declare if these were for playing or not. Animals love to play with sticks. We often play fetch with our dogs. Along with this, our kids love playing with sticks too!

Back in 2004, a group of archaeologists was interested to search the ruins of a village. There, they dug up an old stone doll head. According to them, this was 4000 years old. The village is on the Italian island of Pantelleria.

As the head of the doll was not inside the ceremonial ground, they guessed that the doll is not related to rituals. Most of the objects like this were found inside the ceremonial ground are among the ancient human figures that relate to anything ritual or religious. And this doll head was not on a ceremonial ground, so the possibilities are, this was a toy.

The toy that they found has curly hair. Along with this, kitchenware was also buried. As stated by the archaeologists, they have found a lot of wooden dolls in the tombs of Egypt. There were very old too. However, the figures they found earlier were found engraved with reproductive symbols. So, it is an easy guess that these were not constructed for playing rather for other causes.

Games of Ancient Times

When you are dealing with this toy, keep in mind that games are different than toys. If you go through the search results, the games are older than toys. In ancient Egypt, there was a sort of board game. It was found drawn in the walls and it looks like a backgammon.

According to the survey, it is from around 2686 B.C. The kids of Egypt might not be fond of Senet for playing. However, they had something like jacks that they used to play at the same time. They used to throw rocks in the air and along with this; they used to pick up clay pieces before the rock they threw fell back on the ground.

A Babylonian board game was found which the ancestors used to play. This was more like a chess checkers. It was 4000 B.C or before.

Toys and Games of Ancient Times

After that, the archeologists found the backgammon game we mentioned above. Then, the researchers got to know about Kites. These first appeared in China in 1000 B.C. However, according to the founders of history, kites might have been flown even before it was recorded!

So, we cannot, for sure, tell the exact date of this. Way after this, skates were found in Scandinavia. It is thought that these are of 200 B.C. These were constructed with iron. As said by the archeologists, chess began to be played by the ancestors in 600.

This was named as an Indian game called Chaturanga which refers to the four corners of the boxes in chess. Cards were played in Asia in 969.


According to another source, an ancient doll was buried in the Bronze Age. A mythical animal was added with it. Along with this, there was a child from the Okunev! As stated by some archeologists, this is the oldest toy that was found so far. This is also a toy animal head. And it was constructed with horn or antler. Experts say that they are not sure which animal is this but they guessed that this is mythical.

Before this, there was a doll fount in Southern Siberia. If you go through the toy, you will see that the carefully done facial structure is there. It was made with soapstone and soft rock that is designed with talc. The head was about 5 cm tall.

In both cases, the toy bodies are constructed with organic material. Also, it was not preserved properly. Dr. Pilyakov said that it was not an elite burial as the finds were made of a common child of that age.

Wrap Up

The history of toys of ancient times is not easy to find. Archeologists are doing an amazing job in finding out the old toys and other objects and in guessing the right time. However, it can be wrong too. And so, we mentioned all the oldest toys in the world mentioned by them!

Comment below if you have any knowledge regarding the toys we have mentioned here. What do you think of these toys? Are they ceremonial? Or they are just toys? Share your views with us.

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